We get results. Period.

NICHQ creates transformative change in children’s health quality. From our continued efforts, more children have better access to care, better coordinated services across systems and sectors—schools, community-based organizations, primary care—and better designed solutions by involving families in the change process. Here are just some of the ways we’ve make an impact.

Bring a Change Management Mindset to Your Work

Are you launching a new initiative or feeling stalled in a current one? Contact NICHQ to discuss:

  • How to drive dramatic change in your community or state
  • Strategies to get buy-in from partners to move your work forward
  • Ways to track performance to boost improvement efforts

We customize our services to your needs and goals.

IMPACT: With comprehensive curriculum and training development to catalyze change, healthcare professionals are helping their communities grow healthy and active children today, tomorrow, and for generations yet to come. Read more >

IMPACT: With transformative and rapid change to achieve Baby-Friendly designation at hospitals nationwide, 218,000 more infants are delivered each year benefitting from breastfeeding, giving both baby and mother the best possible start and better long-term health outcomes. Read more >

IMPACT: By driving strategic design to launch comprehensive change in primary care practices to address social-emotional development, we’ve created the potential to dramatically improve the long-term impact on children’s health outcomes and family’s experience. Read more >

IMPACT: With systemic and sustainable change for more efficient and reliable diagnosis and referral, outcomes for infants who are deaf or hard of hearing are significantly improved, enabling them to get the vital intervention services needed as early as possible. Read more >